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You will find free activity ideas to do with your littles (ages 0-5 years) to help support their development

Hey there, I'm Megan!

I've been equipping parents with the tools, skills and confidence to raise effective communicators and form an early parent-child bond since 2019.

But I'll be the first to tell you, it wasn't always this way.

I had NO IDEA what I was doing when I first became a parent. I'd read all the books, joined all the groups, and took all the courses — but still, I felt…


If you've ever caught yourself wondering…

"What does my baby actually need?"

"Do I have a strong relationship with my child?"

"How do I even support this tiny human?!"

You and every new parent out there!

But here's the beauty of it…

Children actually have the desire to attach to you right from the beginning. They are able to express their needs from the beginning and are ready to start bonding right away!

Just imagine if you…

  • felt less overwhelmed with being a parent, or 
  • felt confident in your ability to support your child and meet their needs, or 
  • knew that you were doing exactly what you needed to build a strong connection with your child

What if you could understand your baby, and provide a positive interaction based on that knowledge, instead of fumbling your way through tears and tantrums?

That's why my mission revolves around

Helping parents feel less overwhelmed and feel more connected with their children through books, communication and play.

Build a strong attachment with your child through simple yet proven methods

By having a secure attachment, your child is able to have a high self-esteem, increased confidence, improved mental health, stronger and more successful relationships, stronger ability to learn new things, & the ability to meet their developmental milestones easier. 

How does this work? By incorporating simple strategies to decrease your overwhelm and stress and start enjoying your child to build a strong relationships.

Research proves by focusing on attachment and your bond first, children are able to succeed more in all areas of life as well as have a better long-term relationship with their parents & caregivers (plus countless other benefits!).

So no matter what age or stage your child is at, let's start building a strong connection first.

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Grab a free attachment guide, activity ideas, how to raise a reader plus a free baby signs workshop to start building a stronger bond today.

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In need of more information, more support, and/or a step-by-step guide to support your little?

Check out my courses available to help provide that extra support to help you on your parenting journey.

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All About Books

One of my favourite ways to bond with my kids is through books.

So I've made it easy to bring the joy of literacy to your house through a bookstore and a monthly subscription box while also bringing books to children in foster care.

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"At 19-months-old, Nicholas is communicating all his needs without whining or getting frustrated. It's unbelievable!

Teaching Nicholas baby signs also increased his vocabulary — he is able to say the words as he signs. It has become part of our daily routine and has brought great joy to the whole family. I recommend all parents involve baby signs before their children can talk."

— Heidi, Mom to Nicholas

"Our daughter's frustration level decreased dramatically after learning baby signs. By the age of 1, she had a several hundred-word spoken vocabulary.

We are amazed at her progress every day and are convinced that baby signs accelerated her language development. I rave about it to everyone we know and encourage them to teach their young children baby signs."

— Parents to Genevieve

Life with our twin boys has been enriched by Megan’s Sign, Say & Play course! Having two older kids who didn't learn to sign, I can see the differences and am really enjoying this experience.

Using signs with our twin boys has exceeded our expectations more than you can imagine! By 18 months, with 4 months of teaching our boys signs, they could do 74 signs! They even tell each other when they want to share a toy or take turns — something they are far from verbalizing!!!

— Grateful Mom of Twins

"Our twins started signing back at 8-months-old! It amazes me how much they want to communicate.

I cannot explain how wonderful it is to understand each other and meet their needs. Baby signs have brought so much fun, joy and excitement to our family; I couldn’t imagine our lives without it!"

— Jennifer, Mom of Twins

"Thank you for teaching us how to communicate with our tot long before she was able to vocalize with us.

We began teaching our 11-month-old daughter baby signs. From that point on, we realized that communicating with each other can be easy. Now three months later, she has quite a signing vocabulary and our whole family has come to understand much of what she wants and needs."

— Wendy & Sean, Parents to a Daughter

We had a blast at the Sign, Say & Play classes! I was amazed how the signs were similar to ASL, just modified for little hands.

I highly recommend baby signs to parents, siblings, extended family and anyone who will be around young children! Baby sign language is an excellent form of communication!!!

— The Berchiellis, Parents to Tyler

How To Start Building A Relationship With Your Baby

Not sure where to begin? That's why I've saved you the trouble and grouped my free resources here for you to get started.

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